It doesn’t matter how many books you read or tutorials you watch, you never know how you’re going to feel about breastfeeding until you try it.

No matter how you choose to feed, we praise every new mum who does whatever works for her and her baby.

The conservative feeder

Self-conscious by name, self-conscious by nature. She has six or seven large cover-ups that she uses (even at home).

Why we love her: She might feel uncomfortable with the prospect of people seeing her breasts, but that doesn’t stop her breastfeeding. She puts aside her insecurities, and there’s nothing more admirable than that.

The determined warrior

Whether her baby doesn’t latch on or her breast milk doesn’t come in properly, she gives it her best shot. If she did experience issues, she probably sought out advice from her doctor or lactation expert. And even if she eventually has to stop, she knows she tried, and that what’s best for baby is a healthy, happy mum.

Why we love her: She’s super determined and doesn’t let her struggles get her down. She’s able to make tough decisions, like switching to formula, because that’s what’s best for her baby and follows the advice from her early childhood nurse or GP.  Brave lady.

The feeding machine

We’ve all been this mum at some point. On the toilet, in the car, washing the dishes. There’s never not a baby attached to her breast.

Why we love her: Breastfeeding is tough. And when you’re doing it round the clock, it can really get you down. She may feel a bit tired (aren't we all!), but this special mama gets through it.

The blasé mammy

Anytime, anywhere, she’s totally relaxed about the whole thing. Sometimes she just gets her boobs out for a bit of air.

Why we love her: She’s confident, comfortable and cool. And she makes you feel the same way.

The mistress of bonding

Breastfeeding is an art. And this mum is Monet. She sees breastfeeding as a pure bonding experience, focusing entirely on connecting with her baby.

Why we love her: She’s so calm and loving. Move over baby, we want her to hold us too.

The ultimate feminist

An advocate of women’s rights. Empowering mums to feel confident breastfeeding in public is her forte. She contacts MPs, arranges meet-ups and writes articles raising awareness.

Why we love her: It’s a super important role, and she’s doing it selflessly. Lots of us have been belittled while publicly breastfeeding – she’s trying to put an end to that.

The get the job done mum

Faster than lightning and more efficient than Mary Poppins on caffeine, you don’t notice the baby until he’s finished feeding.

Why we love her: She. Is. Superwoman.