The 10th Month is dedicated to helping new mums find their feet in the challenging first weeks and months after they’ve given birth.

We aim to fill an unmet need in the mother and baby world. Whereby most post-partum sites are focused on how to look after the baby, the 10th Month is focused on the new mum.

Our belief is that once mum’s fully supported and on the road to recovery can she truly become the mum she’s meant to be.

Help and support is delivered as editorial-style articles under 5 different categories: Healing and Health, Emotional Wellbeing, The New Normal, Your Post-Baby Body and Relationships and Love.

Every article is original and has been commissioned by and for the 10th Month and features a mum’s perspective on respective topics. Also, each article has been authored by a mother for added relevance.

It is hoped that, in time, the 10th Month will become an invaluable resource and the go-to site for all mums going through this, often difficult, period.

The 10th Month is brought to you by Bepanthen, the experts in mother and baby skincare.

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